Zakat is usually distributed in person, however under the current circumstances with Covid-19, we apologise that this is no longer possible. Distribution will be online. Please email us at if you are in need.

We anticipate high demand due to economic difficulties as a result of Covid-19. Please pay your Zakat as soon as possible to enable us to distribute to those most in need. 

Zakat (Arabic: زكاة‎ zakāh) ‘that which purifies’ also Zakat al-maal [zaˈkaːt alˈmaːl] زكاة المال, “zakat on wealth”,or Zakah is a form of alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation. Zakat benefits the giver as well as the receiver.

As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, zakat is a religious duty for all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth.

Muslims are obliged to pay a portion of their assets to help those in need. In order to pay Zakat, a Muslim must be adult, sane and possess the nisab (a minimum amount of wealth) for an entire year.

Assets to include in your Zakat calculation are cash (on hand and in bank accounts), shares, pensions, gold, silver, business goods, crops and livestock. You do not need to count personal items such as your home, furniture, cars, food, clothing, which are not used for business purposes.

If you are unsure how much is due, you can calclulate your Zakat here:

Belfast Islamic Centre has a dedicated Zakat account which can only be used for donations to those in need in the community.

Please send your Zakat Donations to:

Zakat Account details:

Account Name: Zakat
Bank of Ireland
Acc No. 14810696
Sort Code. 90-21-27

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