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Friday Prayer

1 pm and 2 pm

Friday prayer is the most important weekly event for all Muslims around the globe.

Due to Covid-19 numbers are restricted and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. You must wear a face mask and bring your own prayer mat. You may be refused entry for not complying with the regulations. Help us help you!

Please donate generously as our finances are significantly affected due to lockdown.


After Isha Prayer

Daily halaqa after ‘Isha prayer by Sheikh Waleed, Imam of BIC.

Mums and Tots

Monday 10:30 am

Belfast Islamic Centre Mums and Tots for babies are pre-schoolers run every Monday from 10:30 am with free play time and circle time. Coffee and light breakfast will be provided. Meet with other mums and let your kids have fun and mix with other children.

Please join us!

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