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Islamic Funeral Service

At the event of death, Belfast Islamic Centre is ready to help the family of the deceased organize the washing of the body, funeral prayer and the burial.

Please contact 028 90 66 44 65 or a member of staff/executive committee. The office is currently closed due to the Covid-19 crisis. Please contact info@belfastislamiccentre.org.uk for general enquiries or a member of the Executive Committee directly. Emergency contact Ali Khan: 07958284302 for funeral services only.

We encourage Muslim families to report to us if they have a terminal case or a death so that our projects coordinator can perform the necessary religious duties required in these situations.

When a death takes place, the family may contact BIC to start the procedures by contacting the funeral home. The funeral home will in turn arrange to collect the body as soon as the medical death certificate is issued.

In the meantime, BIC will help coordinating between the family and the funeral home regarding the cost of service (which includes, digging and buying the grave from Belfast City council plus handling, coffin, coffin transportation and administration fees of the funeral home).

We can help the family get the death registered in the City Hall.

Once the burial slot is allocated by Roselawn Cemetery (127 Ballygowan Rd, Crossnacreevy, Belfast BT5 7TZ), our projects coordinator will decide on the washing time in which the shroud and the service will be provided for free by BIC. Immediate family members will be called to attend.

Shortly after, time for funeral prayer will be announced by BIC and it will be advertised on our BIC facebook as well as Whatsapp broadcasting groups.

Muslim funeral prayer is a set of invoking supplication to Allah to shower the soul of the deceased with mercy and to give him/her in exchange of their good deeds an abode in paradise. The funeral prayer will be led by BIC Imam or anyone delegated by him.

Non- Muslims family members and friends are welcome to attend. We will try our best to accommodate them in the BIC premises. They are also welcome to follow the coffin with us to the grave yards. *Unfortunately restrictions on Funerals are currently in operation due to Covid-19 crisis. Funerals limited to 10 guests. When possible we will try to record or broadcast for any family who are self-isolating or otherwise unable to attend.

If requested, we can make BIC rooms in the ground floor available to offer condolence to the family after burial.

BIC will accept any voluntary donations from the family if they are happy to do so.


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