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Supporting the welfare of Youth in Northern Ireland's Muslim Community
MYNI stands for Muslim Youth Northern Ireland. It is a youth group and community which is based in Northern Ireland.
MYNI aims to involve young Muslims in the activities they enjoy, while at the same time keeping their Islamic identity, values, and beliefs.
MYNI believes that young Muslim people should not be deprived of doing things they enjoy if they are allowed to do so. The youth group therefore makes these activities happen.
Activities in MYNI don’t just have to be “religious”, but they all have one thing in common – they don’t disagree with Islamic teachings. MYNI activities are therefore safe and enjoyable at the same time. Activities can also include things like personal effectiveness schemes (such as the MYNI residential to Ballycastle), youth group meetings (where members of MYNI will go to different youth group in Northern Ireland and discuss several things such as differences and similarities in cultures etc.), and many more.
There will also be activities for the youth  on special Islamic days, such as the two eids.
Most activities for MYNI will be for people from ages 8-21. There will also, however, be family activities (where families join in), and activities for smaller children.
All activities in MYNI are supervised by adults. It will be at least a 1:8 adult to child ratio.

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