BIC is both a spiritual and social hub for the local Muslim community. Religious services include provision for the main Jummah Friday prayers (attended by around 400 worshippers), the 5 Daily Prayers (catering for around 100 throughout the day) and Halaqas and Quran classes for both adults and children. Our BIC school runs on Friday nights and Saturdays and covers both Islamic studies and Arabic language for children 5 and up.  In addition, we organise Eid prayer for around 1500 people. (Due to the large numbers we usually hire an external hall for this)

Community Services Community services we provide include:

Conducting Marriage ceremonies: our Imam is a licensed registrar. We conduct legal weddings according to UK law, or religious only ceremonies for those already legally married.

We conduct Funeral services and well as ritual washing of the body and help/advice with organising burial or transport (if being buried abroad).

Chaplaincy services at local hospitals, Pastoral visits to prisons and Larne immigration detention centre. Chaplaincy services to students at Queens University and support for students from all local universities.

BIC also offers economic help, primarily in the distribution of Zakat to needy families. Zakat is charity money from donations given out specifically to those in need within the community. Around 3 individuals request help per day.

Advocacy, Consultation and advice. For example, Counselling for reconciliation,  representing Muslims at forums, consultation events and in the media.

We run youth clubs for Muslim Youth (See events page for details)

Provision of food for 150 people daily for thirty days during the month of Ramadan

Health seminars, mental health and drug awareness sessions– recent seminars on Hepatitis awareness attracted over 60 people.

Language classes – Arabic and English (See events page or facebook for up to date notices)

We also organise Social activities including day trips. Fun days on Eid, A weekly Mothers and Toddlers group  and sisters coffee morning, Fortnightly Sisters Breakfast club, Halaqas, Kids Football on a weekly basis (See events page or facebook for up to date notices).

We regularly support visits and host education seminars for the local NI community. We have 2-3 school visits per month: (number of pupils per visit 40-80), around 8 Community group visits per month (group size Averages 25), in addition we host Cultural awareness visits for Belfast City Council, QUB students and others. We also facilitate individual visits and over 200 people attended the recent annual ‘Visit My Mosque’ event.