Eid Al Adha 1441h/ 2020

During these challenging and unusual times it’s not easy for us at BIC to make some hard decisions like keeping the Centre closed, not holding five daily prayers and limit the numbers during Eid prayer, but we have to make these decisions for the safety of our community. While some restrictions have eased Covid-19 has […]

New BIC Broadcast group.

Assalamualaikum Hope you and family are keeping well and safe Insha’Allah Khair. We are contacting you as we are in the process of re-opening the Centre and trying to get back to the new normal. Things will be run differently due to the current situation and we are trying our best to make things easier […]

BIC open for Duhr prayer from 13th July inshaAllah.

IMPORTANT COVID 19 UPDATE Asalam alykum, InshaAllah, initially Belfast Islamic Centre will open on 13th July for Duhr prayer only. Numbers are restricted to 19 per session so we will hold prayer from 1.30pm and later sessions once this cohort have left the building. This will be revised as we progress. Belfast Islamic centre are […]

Eid Al Fitr will be Sunday 24th May 2020

Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh The moon sighting committees in Saudi Arabia and a number of other Muslim countries confirmed that they are NOT able to see the new moon of Shawaal this evening. Accordingly tomorrow Saturday May 23 2020 is 30th Ramadan 1441 Hijri. And Sunday 24th of May will be EID DAY InshaAllah We would […]

The Muslim Funeral Rites

Asalam alykum,     Many of you will have watched the funeral prayer for our brother Dr Muhanad ElTayib broadcast online today on our Facebook Page.   We pray for him – that Allah will forgive his sins and grant him Jannah (paradise)   And also for his family – may Allah grant them sabr […]

Ramadan confirmed, beginning evening of 23rd April.

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu Ramadan Kareem to you and your family InshaAllah, tomorrow Friday 24th of April is the first day of Ramadan. Unfortunately the mosque is still closed and there will be no prayers held in the mosque due to Covid-19 and government guidance and safety. Please pray taraweeh at home. May God […]

Ramadan 2020. Ramadan at home

Ramadan 2020 will take place between 23/24 April & 23/24 May (depending on moon sightings). This year Ramadan will be a very different experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We must continue to live our daily lives in accordance with public health guidelines.  It is unlikely that social distancing measures will be lifted during Ramadan. Unfortunately […]