BIC staff help families and individuals at the time of death to get prepared for funeral prayer followed by Islamic burial.

We offer:

  • Meet the bereaved family when the death occurs to reassure them and let them know how we can proceed.
  • Contacting funeral directors to arrange with them moving the body from the hospital and agree on washing time with the family. ( normally we contact Ravenhill funeral service 334 Ravenhill Rd, Belfast BT6 8GL 028 9045 0723)
  • Arranging for the white shroud, the washing soap and the perfumes.
  • Washing the body with the help of family members
  • Agreeing on burial time in Rose lawn Cemetery Section W, Ballygowan Rd, Belfast BT5 7TZ
  • Arranging for funeral prayer in the mosque and informing the Muslim community to attend
  • Providing a separate room for non-Muslims who want to attend the funeral prayer
  • Following the body to the burial spot and bury according to the Islamic way


Our service is free of charge, however around £3100.00 should be paid to the funeral director to cover their services as well as buying and digging the grave.