Executive Board

Dr Wasif Naeem


Dr Raied Al-Wazzan


Dr Muhammad Saleem Tareen

Executive Member

Mr Zia Nazar

Executive Member

Mr Mohammed Ali Khan

Executive Member

Mr Ameer Ibrahim

Executive Secretary

Dr Sami Farag

Executive Member

Dr Thelfa Ahmad

Executive Member


Dr Raja Harun

Mr Haji Yaqub Joya

Mr Louay Majeed

Dr Yousef Hannore

Dr. Shahid Tariq

Office Staff

Mr Anwar Mady

Project Coordinator

Mrs. Pashmina Kashif

Office Administrator

Mrs Naomi Green



To become a member of Belfast Islamic Centre please fill the membership form in the office. New Members will be Centre members for one year, after which they will become full members. Note that BIC membership lasts from January – December of each year. A membership fee of £5.00 must be paid each year for full members if you would like to continue your membership with the centre. If you have changed your address and your email, please do let us know so you could be kept updated with any activities.  AGM is held annually and elections for the Executive Committee are held every 3 years. Note that any one wishing to join the EC must be a full member of the Islamic Centre according to the constitution, a copy of which is available on our website.