Imam Vacancy at Belfast Islamic Centre

An exciting opportunity to join the Belfast Islamic Centre (BIC) as an Imam.

(Negotiable – depending on experience)

The Belfast Islamic Centre has served the community in NI for over 40 years. We are a diverse community with members from over 42 countries of origin, speaking 24 different languages, although English is the main language spoken at the centre. BIC is not just a place of worship but also provides practical help and social activities.

The BIC is seeking to recruit an Imam to join their religious services department, who will specialise in engaging with Muslim youth and wider society, and have skills in the following areas:

  •     Have a strong understanding of Islam and Muslims
  •     Be a graduate in Islamic Sciences
  •     Fluent in English and Arabic language
  •     Preferably have at least two years’ experience of serving as an Imam

The role of Imam requires flexibility in working hours and will include some weekends and bank holidays.

Any offer of employment will be subject to satisfactory AccessNI clearance

This post is open to men only and is exempt under the Sex Discrimination Act 7(2)(d) and (e).

Application Deadline: 23 August 2020 / For further information email:

Apply by sending your CV to: email:

Job Description & Person Specification Below


Post Title Junior IMAM

Salary: Negotiable depending on experience and qualification

Hours: 20 hours

Reference: IMAM.

Key Relationships

REPORTING TO The Executive committee

ACCOUNTABLE FOR Resources allocated to the post

Overall Objectives:

• To spiritually lead the congregation at the Belfast Islamic Centre.

• To support and assist the diverse congregation of the BIC on spiritual and community Matters

• To support and assist BIC’s executive committee in establishing & maintaining Belfast Islamic Centre as a ‘model Mosque and Islamic Centre’. Key responsibilities


Lead the religious activities of the BIC including, but not limited to, call to prayer, congregational prayers, Friday Khutbah, funeral prayers (Janazah) including the washing and shrouding and all other arrangements of the funeral, night prayers during the month of Ramadhan (“Tarawee’ah” or “Qiyamul’Layl”), and Two prayers of (“Eid al-Fitr” and “Eid al Adha”);

Plan and supervise the arrangements for Adhan (Call to Prayer). Oversee the maintenance of discipline in the Prayer Halls and maintain the Islamic discipline in the premises.


-Prepares, delivers and reviews (for compliance with the Shariah) all Friday Sermons (“Juma Khutbah”) and other lectures on Islamic matters.

-Responds to all inquiries and debates regarding Islamic matters and issues with proper proofs (“Daleel”) from the Quran and the Sunnah or guidance of the (“righteous beneficiaries and practitioners of the Prophet’s [PBUH] Sunnah”)


-To teach and translate (Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh)

-To teach short courses in Islamic Sciences, Shari’ah and Quran and other relevant Subjects.

– To facilitate visits from local schools and Non-Muslims where possible

-To establish & maintain regular Islamic circle programs

-To support the Men, Sisters and Youth programmes in conjunction with the relevant committees and groups.

-To hold a daily Class for memorization of Quran for kids.


-To respond to inquiries and debates regarding Islamic matters and issues with

Proper proofs from Al-Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet [PBUH]

-To hold ‘surgeries’ for public to access advice and counselling.

-Hold Marriage counselling sessions with prospective couples prior to ceremonies.


-To have experience with non-Muslims (using hikma in approach)

-To understand and deal with first and second generation Muslim issues

-To have knowledge and awareness of cultural differences when dealing with the

International Muslim community

-To be aware of BIC public profile and to seek opportunities to attend

Conferences, training, seminars or other external events that would provide

Attendees with intelligence about BIC work


-Provide support to BIC staff in managing day-to-day business

-Support projects of the BIC, as and when required

-To support the various fundraising initiatives of the BIC

-Realise the benefits of a flexible approach to work in undertaking the duties and responsibilities of the post, and participating in multi-disciplinary cross organisational groups and project teams.

-Required to also work over weekends, as and when required.

-Perform any tasks assigned by line managers in accordance to grade and pay.

Core Skills and conditions required

· Excellent written, oral and electronic communication skills (English and Arabic)

· Excellent interpersonal skills

· Strong initiative, negotiation and influencing skills

· Ability to deliver results, meet deadlines and manage time effectively 

· Being free from the Home Office control & legally able to work in NI



Confidence in providing information for members of the public and other organisations by phone, email, letter, presentation

and/or events  ESSENTIAL

Minimum of three years experience in a similar function DESIRED

Working with and engaging with a diverse community base ESSENTIAL

Experience on developing programmes that encourage participation from the community DESIRED

Experience of delivering keynote speeches in large forums DESIRED

Experience of engaging with young people and non-Muslim ESSENTIAL

Understanding of equal opportunities and ability to implement policies ESSENTIAL

Experience of teaching adults and youngsters ESSENTIAL

Education Hafiz Al-Quran in full DESIRED

Hold a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies or related field ESSENTIAL

Knowledge of Islamic Shari’ah, Hadith and Sunnah of the last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ESSENTIAL

knowledge of the various Schools of thought (Madhab) and their various opinions. ESSENTIAL

Fiqh ( good familiarity with contemporary issues that relate to present day society) ESSENTIAL

Formulate Khutbahs relevant to currently faced issues ESSENTIAL

Understanding of other religions; especially Christianity and Judaism DESIRED

This is not an exhaustive list, and you will be expected to be flexible in your approach to carrying out your duties, that may change from time to time to reflect changes in the Centre’s circumstances. This will include providing cover for colleagues as required. The organisation therefore reserves the right to vary the job description in consultation with you.

All BIC employees are expected to comply with BIC’s policies, rules and procedures

Please send your CV with evidence of how you meet the criteria to 

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