Eid Al Adha 1441h/ 2020

During these challenging and unusual times it’s not easy for us at BIC to make some hard decisions like keeping the Centre closed, not holding five daily prayers and limit the numbers during Eid prayer, but we have to make these decisions for the safety of our community. While some restrictions have eased Covid-19 has not gone away and many restrictions remain.

We explored all options but unfortunately we are unable to hire a large hall as usual or hold the planned Eid festival/funfair planned for Saturday.

BIC will have Eid Prayer on Friday 31st July Insha’Allah. We will have two sessions beginning at 8.30am. Each session will be for 45 mins.
First session starts 8:30am
Second session starts 9:30am

We can only accommodate 60 people at one time. Therefore we ask you where possible to arrange to pray at home or in small gatherings following social distancing rules. For your safety those shielding, under 16 and and over 60 are not allowed.

Please bring your mat and mask as no one will be allowed in the Centre without it. The social distancing rules must be adhered to. We have marked prayer spaces and social distancing at the entrances. People waiting outside are requested to maintain social distancing or if possible wait in their cars.

As we usually have 2-3000 people attending Eid we understand there will be many disappointed people but we hope you understand the necessity of such a decision. As a public organisation we are required to hold a risk assessment for any gatherings and take this responsibility seriously.

Even though we cannot be together, we encourage you to make the day special with your family. Pray at home or in small gatherings while following social distancing (see current guidelines below)

We would love to welcome everyone back to the Centre and have all the activities again, but at the moment that’s not possible for us. We hope that by Allah’s will, we will be able to resume soon Insha’Allah Khair.

In the meantime we are here for you should you need any help, just drop us an email or leave a message on our Facebook page. We really really appreciate your support and your patience. May Allah swt keep us united and help us support each other during these difficult times Insha’Allah Khair

Current government guidelines on social distancing are as follows:
up to 10 people, from four households can meet indoors in private homes.

Meeting friends and family indoors carries a higher risk than meeting outdoors. If possible, you should continue to arrange meetings with family and friends outdoors.

If you decide to meet indoors you should do so as safely as possible and follow public health advice by:

limiting the duration of visits
ensuring good ventilation
maintaining good hand hygiene
practicing social distancing where possible
The use of a face covering is also strongly advised.

Overnight stays are now permitted.

Those who are medically shielding are strongly advised to continue following the advice that remains in place for that group until the shielding period is paused on 31 July.

Meeting outdoors
Up to 30 people can meet up outdoors but you should maintain social distancing by being at least two metres apart.

Social distancing is essential to prevent further waves of the epidemic. You should avoid visiting places such as seaside resorts and popular beauty spots whenever there is a chance that large numbers of people will converge and crowds will form.


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