Suspension of all prayers and activities at BIC until further notice – COVID-19 update 18th March 2019

Asalam Alykum

It is with great difficultly we announce that Jumah, March 20, 2020 and all daily prayers will be cancelled until further notice.

After undertaking both Islamic and Medical advice and guidance issued by MCB, Belfast Islamic Centre will implement the following until further notice:

– Daily Prayers will be suspended from Wednesday, March 18 and we ask our community to pray from home.
– Children’s School remains closed until further notice.
– No halaqas, classes, reminders and private Quran classes to take place.
– All wudu and toilet facilities will be closed

During this period, we ask our community to take all appropriate measures to prevent transmission in your every day lives – whether relating to hygiene or social distancing, including self-isolation if required. Please adhere to Public Health guidance and call 111 if you require any advice regarding the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic constitutes an acute, serious and immediate risk to our community and beyond and we are faced, like many, with unprecedented challenges. We have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their congregation and wider society and we ask our community to support this difficult decision.

As a community, we have a collective responsibility to help each another – whether keeping each other safe, coming together to identify and provide help to the vulnerable in our community and at all times we urge our community to remain calm and to take preventative measures.

We will keep our social media active and will keep you informed of updates when possible. QUB ISoc will be delivering their lecture series online.

There are a number of community initiatives to help the most vulnerable in the community. Please contact the facebook page or email us if you require assistance and we will try to assist.

If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah (Alone) let the believers put their trust. [Quran, 3:160].

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