“We live protected under each other’s shadow”

“We live protected under each other’s shadow”

A beautiful sentiment shared with us over the weekend. Thank you to the family who left this card and to all those who have visited and got in touch in solidarity over the past few days. The voices of hate and division will not win over those of unity and love.

Its been a difficult few days for many. With the horrific attack in Christchurch on Friday, but also locally in NI with some tragic deaths over the weekend.

One of the beautiful names of Allah is Al-Jabbar – the Restorer, the One who is able to restore and mend what is broken.

Our thoughts and prayers are with ALL those who grieve today. May those who mourn find comfort in the memories of their loved ones, the support of those around them and their faith.

“No doubt, in the remembrance of Allah (God) the hearts find comfort.” (13:28)

In the light of the terrible attacks in Christchurch last week and some of the incidents since. It’s worth remembering that there are good people out there. We’ve received, letters, cards, phonecalls and emails expressing support for the Muslim community in Northern Ireland and extending sympathies to those who lost loved ones in the attack which we conveyed to the NZ consul during the week.  A book of condolence is also open in Belfast City Hall which will be sent to the victims families inshaAllah.

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