Sheikh Anwar Mady of Belfast Islamic Centre wins Interfaith Award

On the 2nd February 2019, at an event in Banbridge Town Hall organised by the Northern Ireland Interfaith forum, Sheikh Anwar was presented with the 2018 Interfaith Award. In his address Ed Petersen, chairman of the Interfaith Forum,  mentioned that Sheikh Anwar had been an excellent model for good Interfaith practice in Northern Ireland. Reaching out to people of other faiths without compromising his own faith, and how when asked to speak at Interfaith events he inspires everyone with his descriptions of how the Prophet Muhammad promoted Interfaith understanding during His lifetime. Sheikh Anwar served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Interfaith Forum, and has taken part in many Interfaith events. Over many years he has developed relationships with other faith leaders  – putting the Interfaith ideal into practice. Mabrook/Congratulations on your achievement! 



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