The Belfast Islamic Centre was established in 1978 by a group of Muslims from the local community. Today, the centre not only acts as a place of worship, but also is a community centre, social-cultural centre, resource centre, advice centre and a day centre.

It has been approximated by the Belfast Islamic Centre that there are around 4-5 thousand Muslims living in Northern Ireland today. The Muslims in Northern Ireland come from over 40 countries of origin, from Western Europe all the way through to the Far East. The main aims and objectives of the Belfast Islamic Centre are to: -

To run the Mosque, provide religious services and religious instructions and guidance to the Muslim Community for their moral development and to meet their religious requirements.
To provide education for all sections of the community in order to lead life in the current multi-cultural society as a Muslim and as an ideal citizen and to help Muslims integrate within the wider society.
To develop and provide social and cultural services in order to preserve the community identity and to create social and cultural awareness amongst the Muslims and wider society.
To provide guidance and resource service, particularly to educational institutions, hospitals and prisons, and generally to all communities, irrespective of their religion.
To provide advisory services to solve educational, cultural and social problems of the community.
To provide social welfare services to the various groups of the community, to provide funeral service and to provide the humanitarian aid and support in all levels of the society.

The Belfast Islamic Centre Provides the following services: -

Children’s Education through Schools for Arabic Language, Religious Studies and Cultural Education.
Youth Development through Lectures, seminars and youth activities for guidance and Moral Education. Also we provide Sports and Health activities for youths.
Social and Recreational programs for women run by the women’s group.
Adult Education through many Training Courses on topics like management and child minding.

- Guidance and Resource Services including:

a. Community Library
b. Producing resources and research papers for students and community groups
c. Providing resources and guidance services for visitors, institutions, hospitals and prisons.

- Cultural Services:

a. Organising Cultural programmes and
b. Exhibition of Muslim Culture and Heritage.
c. Provide Interpretation and Translation

The Belfast Islamic Centre Also provides many social welfare services such as Recreational Facilities, Welfare Advice, Marriage Guidance, Family Guidance, Counselling Services, Funeral Services and Humanitarian Aid Services. The Islamic Centre is now the Central Institution for the Muslim community in Northern Ireland. The centre provides services not only for Muslim elderly people, adults, youths and children; it also serves the non-Muslim community groups of various ages, and educationists from various institutions. Its services are to meet the needs of the people living in the area as well as the whole of the region.

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